When you decide to make a handmade wire wrapped jewellery, one of the most valuable skills you to have is to know how to wire wrap a stone by using trendy designs.

When you wire wrap the stone pendant, the main objective is improving the natural beauty of stone and not doubtful it. The design of a wrap and the look of stone must complement on each other.

Once you have attained this balance, you can create the eye-catching and most beautiful artisan jewellery more easily. However, this specific wire wrapped jewellery pattern is a huge lot advanced than other items.

Whenever you can make a wire wrap, it is highly recommended to use the copper wire to begin with, because it is very cheap. You can also make sure to control any kids who are working with this and also do not allow your adults to engage in it.

There are some powerful tools involved in this wire wrap design, so you have to be very careful in your making. Once you begin the process of making a wire wrapping, you can practice with the various patterns and shapes as well as add more crystals and beads into your design.

Materials you will need to wire wrap a stone

Below are the lists of materials you want to make a wire cage for stones that include:

  • 6 mm/ 22ga jewellery wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Chain nose pliers
  • A stone or crystal
  • Round nose pliers
  • Flat noise pliers
  • Low tack tape/ washi tape
  • Chain
  • Top drilled stone

wire wrap a stone

A beginner’s guides for wire wrap a stone

If you are entering into making wire jewellery, you should possibly need to find the ways to wire wrap stones such as:

  • Use bead to wire a wrap more effectively
  • Select the right choice of copper wire
  • Pick the perfect gauge
  • Select the correct stone
  • Go slowly while working with small stones

Hence, the above steps are important to be followed to use wire to wrap the simple pendant set, particularly when you decide to make a charm necklace, bracelet or any other forms of jewellery items that you can dream up now. Particularly, you have to select the right kinds of stones to wire a wrap and also adjust the length of wire as described in the above steps. Also, you do not need to go on to have the polished stones; rather you should always purchase the right type of stones on the internet.