It is common for people to have iron patches in all of their utilities such as clothes, shoes and even in jewelleries. These iron patches are an old trend which is still followed by present generation. Since these iron patches are old trends it is rare to get them in market and in online too. Even if people get iron patches there is no chances for selecting their desired one since the choices of varities are less in iron patches. If people searches for certain type and style iron patch it is rare to get them this situation makes the people to think whether it is impossible to get desired iron patches? As a remedy to all such problems one can make iron on patches at home on their own.

get desired iron patches

How to make own iron patches?

One can make iron on patches easily at their home to make the process too simple here are steps listed below which helps you to make your own iron on patches.

  • As a first step you need to clear with what patch you are going to do either it may your personal memory such as your kids art work, memorable picture of a person or it may be a business oriented too.
  • While doing own iron patch work it is more important to make sure about size and design of the patch work. So the designs should be simple and size should be with 5 inches.
  • Once the art work is finalized you can make iron on patches either by using inkjet printer method, hand embroidery method and using stitch method.

Inkjet printer method: in this method you need to take a printout of your design in transfer sheet using your home printer. Once the image is taken printout people need to wait for printout to get dry then cut those designs with perfect shape and place that transfer sheet on the iron and heat them once the image is transferred fully remove the sheet from iron. Let the iron to dry for sometimes.

Hand embroidery: if you already have embroidery abilities then you can do the art work using embroidery skill. While doing so you should be more careful in placing knots.

Stitch method: in this method you can use sewing machine for completing the artwork designs but you need to ensure that stitches are tangled with thick lines of stitch.

By following the entire above method one create their own DIY iron on patches at home easily and stick that to their clothes, shoes or even in their accessories.